Friday, 15 April 2011

Dundee- Bingo Capital of Europe...Apparently!

As I was writing up my assignment on my big bingo adventure I remember a few years back there was a short documentary about Dundee and its love of bingo. Well after a bit of searching I finally stumbled across it. You might think I was mad when I was scared to sit in someones luck seat but watch this and you may also feel the fear ha ha!

This is such a great wee documentary and in a weird sort of way makes me proud to be a Dundonian. You hear people talk about strong Dundee women and it is so true. My gran used to work in a Jute Mill in Dundee and I used to love hearing the stories of what she did. She even got to meet the Queen! Can you imagine that, the Queen in a Jute Mill!!!

I wish I had found it before I wrote my novella about my trip, pretty much somes up what I said. Hope you enjoy it, its only about 20 mins long and if you need me to translate just give me a shout.

I'm not sure how to get the video on my blog just yet but I will add the link below for now.

SheToon - City of Bingo (click here)

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  1. What a great wee film. Mey faither was a tenter and baith grans worked in the mills and loved their bingo. I well remember playing the bingo in Dens Rd market while eating meh lorne (square) sausage roll. We should have a department night out at the bingo :-)