Saturday, 18 February 2012

Off To A Winning Start

Hello everyone! Just a little apology about my lack of blogging over the past 6 months. It is something I really want to become good at and for it to become second nature to me, but I have never been comfortable with it. I feel that I become someone else when I write and in a weird way it becomes uncomfortable to blog. So this being a new semester (well 5 weeks in haha!) I am going to make a conscious effort to blog at least once a week...little bit of déjà vu there!

So it begins...

Level 3. Semester 2. 6 weeks until I become a fourth year student. Scary doesn't cover it!!!! Really excited to see how I develop as a designer and to see if there is any idea as to what type of designer I will be. Don't really like to think about that and it has become a question I dread every time it is asked. It is probably good that I can't answer that for now but I wonder if I should or want to finally answer that in the future.

So after an interesting first semester which involved taking part in the RSA project (more to come on this, will explain all at a later date) and not visiting the workshop since the beginning of summer I didn't know what to expect for the year ahead. To my sheer surprise my first day back started off with some unexpected but terrific news! A design that I had entered into a competition to design the new ASME Gold Medal Award medal had been picked for a new category that they had created- the Presidents Award. Couldn't believe it, I am so happy about it. I received a nice little cash prize and £1500 to make 5 medals for the ASME group. Probably would have been over the moon just to make the medals but I won't not be rude an accept there prize haha! The other male in the year Ali Taylor was the first prize winner getting the same cash prise and £1500 to make 5 medals but he also was asked by the group if they could use his design as there new logo. Great stuff! Last and by certainly no means least, Kirsty Nicholson from our year got runner up and a smaller cash prize for her efforts. Just goes to shows what an afternoons work can achieve. Well done to everyone!

Here is the University of Dundee press release about the competition and I have put up a reworking of my original design with the Presidents Medal instead of the ASME Gold Award.

My little water colour design entry

Coming to the end of my first project of the semester in which I have been looking a the demise of Kodak and got a lesson in electrical soldering from my father! I am now looking, for my second project, at secret lives people may lead without anyone knowing. This has taking me into the world of transsexuals, adult babies and secret smokers to name but a few. Lots more on these projects to come so keep your eyes peeled for some new posts in the coming weeks.

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