Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Assignment 3

For assignment 3 we were asked to look for 5 journals for jewellery and another 5 for general design that are available to us in our own library at Duncan of Jordanston (DoJ). We were also asked to compile a list of websites that were for jewellery design and another list of useful website that could aid us in our studies.

Jewellery Journals

Craft Arts International Review
Goldsmith’s Review
Lapidary Jewellery

Design Journals

International Journal of Design
New Design
The Design Journal

Jewellery Websites

Design and other Useful Websites

This assignment also introduced us to the library's cross search system that allows us to be quite specific when we require journals or books for essay and seminars. It also allows us to cover a wide range of subjects, like medicine for example, that might be involved with our own discipline. We have had a few lectures recently that by people who are say jewellers by trade and are working with medical care or hospitals to help improve peoples quality of life.

To get us into the hang of using the system our lecturer, Jonathan Baldwin (JB), asked us to search out journals and books that would be connected to a topic that we were interested in from the chapter we picked in assignment 1. We would then use the cross search system to find the material we require. After we had completed this we were then required to put the list into a bibliography in the Harvard system used in the university.


Calvert, Sandra L. (2008). Children as Consumers: Advertising and Marketing. The Future of Children. 18 (1), p214-220.

Journal looking at the effects that advertising has on the behaviour of children. It looks at both television and online marketing schemes and looks closely at new stealth advertising techniques that the author feels that children and to some extent adults are venerable to.

Gladwell, Malcolm. (2010). The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. New York: Abacus.

Book that we have been reading throughout first semester. Looks at the Malcolm Gladwell’s research into the ‘tipping point’. A moment when a situation or idea tips and spreads like a disease.

Kilbourne, Jean (2000). Can’t Buy me Love: How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel. New York. Touchstone.

Book that looks into the world of advertising and marketing. It gives us an insight into how much businesses know about human weakness and how they use this knowledge to make them profits.

Lindstrom, Martin (2003). Brand Child. London. Kogan Page.

This book looks at how children identify with brands and what their relationship with them is. It gives the reader useful tips and advise on how to create a brand children will go for. This book is the opposite of the other material as it gives the reader advice on how to sell to children. Interesting book as it is like seeing the argument from the opposite point of view.

Mayo, Ed and Nairn, Agnes. (2009). Consumer Kids. London: Constable.

This book looks at the techniques used in the marketing industry. Looks into television advertising and the increasing amount of child orientated adverts that are appearing on the internet. The book looks deeper into the psychology of advertising and what effect this has on children. Very good book, filled with plenty of sources and opportunities to further your reading into this topic.

Pieters, Rik and Wedel, Michel (2008). Visual Marketing. New York. Lawernce Erlbaum Associates.

Book that looks at visual marketing and where it is headed to in the future.

Schor, Juliet B (2005) Born to Buy. New York. Scribner.

This books looks into the research carried out by Juliet Schor on how children are bombarded with a mass amount of adverts and marketing that they are turning into materialistic children. The book then goes into looking at what effect this will have on these children as the grow.

I originally started looking at eye movement research with respect to children's television but then changed to looking at children and advertising after I struggled to get any material that was specific to what I was looking for.

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