Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Assignment 2

For our second assignment we were asked to get together with other people from our seminar groups who had chosen to do mind map the same chapter as ourselves (The Stickiness Factor in my case) . Once we were all together we had to brainstorm all the ways in which the things we had produced for our Stickiness Factor mind maps would relate to our own discipline (jewellery and metalsmith design).

I have never really been a huge fan of group work in the past but this was really fun and we got to work with people we perhaps never had talked to as much previously. It seemed to be as much about team building and working as a group as it was to come up with our conclusions. Once we had finished sticking our thoughts on post-it notes and covering the wall we then created a new mind map from this exercise.

kirtsy and me

cat and sam


post it notes are so handy

mind map on design and stickness factor

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